When Is The Best Time To Visit Charleston, SC?


Quite honestly, there’s no such thing as a bad time to visit Charleston, SC. Yes, the winter can be cold. But Charleston has such a temperate climate, it barely ever gets below freezing. Summer can be dreadfully hot, but that’s why there’s the beach. A quick dip in the ocean will cool you right off. All that being said, if you asked, “When is the best time to visit Charleston, SC?” A few times of year stick out above the rest. And it all depends on your intentions as a Holy City visitor—on when is best for you.


If your trip to Charleston is all about taking a load off, recharging your batteries and soaking up the Lowcountry culture meandering around town, then early spring is the time to come. Late March and early April boast some of the year’s best weather, with highs usually in the low-to-mid 70s. It’s also arguably the most visually stunning time of the year. Blooming flowers burst with color, like pink azaleas that dazzle next to live oaks and opulent historic houses. Speaking of, early spring is when the Annual Festival of House and Gardens takes place, offering an inside look at the private houses and gardens of America’s most beautiful historic residences. Even with that being the case, early spring is not a tourist heavy time of year. And you could even plan your trip to coincide with the college’s spring break, equaling fewer people and generally a more relaxed environment.

charleston art.jpg


If you’re an art lover, you’d be hard pressed to find a better time to visit Charleston than in late May or early June during the Spoleto Festival USA. It’s considered one of the greatest art festivals worldwide and rightly so. The festival draws in top talent across all mediums. So whether you love classical music, jazz, dance, comedy, theatre, opera, it’s all happening in Charleston during Spoleto. Of course, along with such a spectacular event comes the requisite influx of tourists, but the entertainment is well worth the crowds.


If you want to embrace the crowds and get the best of Charleston’s party culture, there are a couple of options to consider. The High Water Festival in the spring is an outdoor music festival that’s growing in popularity. As with most music festivals, it’s a great time to let loose, throw your cares to the wind and blow off some steam. Another option would be the end of summer. The college students have just arrived and it’s still so hot outside that the beach is an inevitable destination. The bar scene is a diverse cross-section of the Holy City, with matriculating coeds, tipsy tourists and locals alike, filling the night air with life.



So when is the best time to visit Charleston, SC? That’s up to you. Pick your time and travel to Charleston. And when you do, be sure to book a luxury vacation property with Walk Away Stays. With concierge services, hotel-style toiletries, premium towels and linens, and complimentary locally roasted coffee, Walk Away Stays offers all the amenities of a high-class resort paired with the coziness of a private residence.

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