Planning your perfect Charleston

Beach Vacation

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From reclining in the sun and bobbing in the waves, to children splashing in the ocean and drawing words in the sand... at no age is a beach vacation anything but exceptional! Charleston, SC offers a variety of beaches that are beyond compare. So, if you're planning a Charleston, SC beach vacation, you've come to the right place. Use this quick guide to get acquainted with all the ocean-side attractions the Holy City has to offer:



Isle of Palms is north of the peninsula, just 12 miles from downtown. Its beaches are idyllic and vast. It’s a place that allows you to keep it both classy and relaxed. It offers world-class golf, a thriving local business district, and one of the Charleston area’s most acclaimed music venues: The Windjammer. It’s also extremely family-friendly, boasting the Isle of Palms County Park, which literally sits on the ocean with pristine beaches, beautiful boardwalks, picnic areas and playgrounds for the kids. Perhaps, more than anything, Isle of Palms is a wonderful spot to relax and rejuvenate.


Neighbor to Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island has a similar vibe, but with a little more historical swagger. Take a tour of Fort Moultrie, a piece of history that stood front and center during a skirmish in the Revolutionary War. Edgar Allen Poe was also stationed on Sullivan’s Island in the early 1800’s, using the area as the setting for his short story, The Gold Bug, hence the name of the ever-popular burger and beer joint, Poe’s Tavern, which is just a short walk from the beach! Poe’s is part of a lovely little strip of restaurants and bars that call Sullivan’s Island home. And the beaches—which are gorgeous as can be—are owned by the town, ensuring their beauty will always be maintained.



If you’re looking for a place with more of that local feel, Folly Beach is the seaside locale for you. Its main drag is lined with bars and restaurants that are happy to keep your glass full ‘til last call. It reveals a more rustic side of the Lowcountry beachfront, allowing you to let your inner surfer-dude loose. Stroll out on the picturesque Folly Beach Pier and get a one-of-a-kind view of the Atlantic Ocean. Or catch a wave, as Folly offers some of the best surfing in the area. And when it’s time to take a breather, meander down the wide, idyllic beaches and soak in the view of the historic Morris Island Lighthouse.


Each of these Charleston beaches boasts a variety of nature-based and water tours. Whether you’re exploring the scenic waterways on kayak or canoe, dolphin watching in Charleston Harbor, or relaxing on a sunset cruise, education and adventure await at every turn.


1470 Mt. Pleasant -- 2.5 miles to Sullivan’s Island

1470 Mt. Pleasant -- 2.5 miles to Sullivan’s Island

816 Mt. Pleasant - 3.5 miles from Sullivan’s Island

816 Mt. Pleasant - 3.5 miles from Sullivan’s Island

1882 Mt. Pleasant - less than 4 miles from Isle of Palms

1882 Mt. Pleasant - less than 4 miles from Isle of Palms

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