At 300 years old, King Street  is one of the most historic and architecturally significant streets in downtown Charleston.  Crossing through the middle of the Charleston peninsula, its wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, chic boutiques, antique shops, three-story brick and stucco buildings, and central location. 

Nothing defines Southern charm like King Street. An unforgettable dining and shopping experience.

15 Cannon St.

1 & 2 BEDROOM options - SLEEPS 4 - 6

563 King St.

2 BEDROOM options - SLEEPS 4 -6

493 King St. Suites

2 BEDROOM options - SLEEPS 4 - 6

With so many options, where to start?  King Street has three districts:

  • Lower King Street—Antiques District    • Middle King Street—Fashion District    • Upper King Street— Design & Dining District.

Chic and edgy boutiques mingle with grande dame hotels, are steps away from restaurants and a sophisticated cocktail scene. 


Top Rated Mt. Pleasant Restaurants

Right across the Ravenel Bridge there is a whole host of hidden gems located in Mt. Pleasant. Here are some of our favorites for good food & a great atmosphere: