The Ultimate Guide To Getting Around Charleston, SC

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Given its reputation as a worldwide tourist destination, it’s easy to think of Charleston, SC as a big city. But Charleston is actually a little big city. The entire downtown peninsula—the heart of what’s happening—is only five square miles! Suffice to say, you can see the sights in a myriad of different ways. Here’s your ultimate guide to getting around Charleston, SC.


As with every city, the amount of time you’re going to spend strutting around town on foot depends on your location. Luckily in Charleston, you can stay almost anywhere on the downtown peninsula, and all of the amenities—restaurants, bars, attractions, corner stores—are just a short stroll away. Walking allows you to slowly take in and process all the beautiful historic buildings, local plant life, and the Lowcountry culture that truly make Charleston such a unique destination. Sure, it may not be the most time efficient way to see a city, but it’s certainly the most intimate!

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If you want to move a little faster but still experience all the sights and sounds of Charleston up close and personal, bicycling is the way to go. You can use the local bike sharing company, Holy Spokes. It’s easy and inexpensive. Or you can pick out the perfect bike for you, perusing one of the local bike rental shops. Either way, you can cruise the Holy City at your own pace. Roll past vaunted Rainbow Row and around Battery Park—the southern-most part of the peninsula—and within a few minutes you could be on the other side of town, basking in the sun and scenery of Hampton Park.


Maybe you want a similar easy-ridin’ experience without doing all that pedaling. That’s why Charleston offers bike taxis and pedicabs! Let a local steer you around town while you relax in the back, taking in the historic sights and gorgeous Charleston weather. This way, you need not be concerned with traffic. Let’s say you just filled your belly at a decadent Charleston dinner, or perhaps you’re exhausted after jogging the Ravenel Bridge—either way, bike taxis and pedicabs are here to suit your needs.


Now, there are definitely times in Charleston when walking or biking just won’t do—i.e. rain, cold weather, flooding. Using Uber is the most simplistic and time efficient way to get around the peninsula. Being such a small area—again, just five square miles—a driver is never more than a few minutes away. And if you’re looking to explore more than just downtown Charleston, you’re going to need a motorized vehicle to get you to the historic plantations and the beaches.



Charleston is a compact community with its fair share of one-way streets and hidden gems. We hope this guide to getting around Charleston, SC will help you make the most of your time here. But you’re going to want to rest sometime. So, make the most of where you stay in Charleston, too! Walk Away Stays offers luxury vacation rental properties all over the peninsula. From one-bedroom lofts to entire houses for the whole family, Walk Away Stays has an idyllic home away from home for you!

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