How To Spend Mother's Day In Charleston, SC

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The perfect way to start out any Mother’s Day is with a decadent Charleston brunch. Sunday brunches are infamous in the Holy City so make sure you make a reservation. And pick a spot with a patio so you can both enjoy the lovely May weather. A soft breeze blows the leaves overhead and the sun shimmers through as you both sip mimosas and savor eggs benedict, or chicken and waffles. Soak it up, because though delicious brunches are a year round affair here in Charleston, weather this fine only lasts for a short time.

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After relaxing with drinks and food, it’s a good idea to walk around a bit, taking in the scenery while burning some calories. There are so many sites to see in Charleston. Deciding which to pursue on your Mother’s Day afternoon is a matter of opinion.

If you’re in the mood for a drive, you can scoot on out to Johns Island and visit the Angel Oak. This beautiful piece of mother nature is one of a kind—a sprawling old oak tree with limbs stretching out, some resting on the ground, Spanish moss cloaking the branches. A truly romantic symbol of the old South. While you’re on the road, you might as well stop by the beach. Like we said, the weather in Charleston this time of year is to die for, so it’s the perfect time for a barefoot walk down the beach, with the waves crashing, water rolling and rising up your ankles, the sea breeze and soft ocean scent. It’s an experience that could never be recreated elsewhere.

If you’d rather remain downtown, a stroll around Hampton Park will give you and mom the nature fix you need. Or you can travel down to the battery and saunter past the historic architecture, cast irons fences and opulent mansions. This unique scenery is a big part of what makes Charleston such a big tourist destination.


So you’ve already eaten out once today, but Charleston is a culinary hub and has a vast array of delectable dining experiences for you to choose from. Once again, we recommend making a reservation, because everybody and their mother will be out eating this night. Get fancy and take mom somewhere elegant. Charleston’s classy side is not one to be missed. Our fine dining is on par with any in the world.


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