5 Unusual Things To Do In Charleston, SC

It’s a well-known fact that Charleston, SC is a tourist destination. So it stands to reason that it is home to many tourist attractions, all of which have their time and place. But sometimes, stepping off the beaten path can be just as fulfilling—or more so. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t quite fit the mold for the typical Charleston vacation, here are 5 unusual things to do in Charleston, SC!



Charleston is a historic town. As such, it boasts many historic cemeteries. Now, some may find it creepy trouncing around old graves, but these are truly beautiful spaces with lush greenery, cast iron fences, and jaw-dropping stone monuments. This experience is a well-rounded trifecta of history, sightseeing, and the macabre. And if you’re looking to keep the theme going, Charleston also offers highly regarded ghost tours.



Hey art lovers! Redux Contemporary Art Center is a destination that deserves your attention. It’s one of Charleston’s few contemporary art galleries, renting out studio spaces to local artists. Guests can walk in, enjoy the gallery, and explore the halls to see a diverse collection of local art. You may even have the chance to speak with a local artist—a one of a kind opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for a city’s art scene.


Charleston has a ton of music venues. There are the huge, stadium-esque spots, hosting major touring acts, but there are the smaller venues too that offer an elusive opportunity to experience the unexpected. More intimate venues like The Royal American, The Pour House, and The Tin Roof also get national touring acts, but they’re usually paired with a local group that may surpass any of your expectations and become a regular on your Spotify playlist. That same opportunity is available in Charleston’s comedy scene as well. Theatre 99 is Charleston’s home of impov comedy, offering weekly programming. And most nights, you can walk the streets of downtown with your ears open to find a live act.



Local shop Candlefish offers candle-making classes. And it’s BYOB, so you can sip on your favorite beverage while basking in the beautiful surroundings and aromas. It’s educational too, so you can take that knowledge home with you along with your personally made candles. It’s a truly unique experience that anyone can enjoy.


Shem Creek is a lovely, historic waterway just over the bridge in Mt. Pleasant. Several local companies offer stand-up paddleboard tours that take you right through Shem Creek. It’s visually stunning, and dolphins are frequent guests. Get up close and personal with your aquatic friends! And when the sun begins to set, jump on land and dig in at one of the many restaurants and bars that sit right on the creek.


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As with most city’s, the usual tourist activities in Charleston, SC can be a blast. But here in the Holy City, the unusual things can offer so much more. However you choose to spend your time in town, be sure to book with Walk Away Stays. We offer the finest luxury rental properties in the Charleston area. Browse our collection and book today!